Monday, 26 August 2013

Hello friends!!

Hello Friends....

Welcome to my blog. I am beginning a new story today....whether I should proceed with it or not is up to you and your opinions. So please read the Prologue and let me know if this has any potential. As always, I only have a concept so far....

Take care.



  1. Congratz on the new story my dear friend...this is a very intriguing start and I'm already hooked...Bravo :)

    I don't know if it's Naina's fierceness or her sensitivity that attracted me the most of the fact that the owner's grandson is afraid to trust women because of some bad experiences...Whatever the reason I can't wait to find out more about both characters and the people close to them :) :)

    I can totally see those two causing a lot of trouble yet getting close to each other but I can also see the man trying to stop himself from falling for Naina especially because of some bad experiences he had regarding women :( I know that Naina will give him a run for his money and prove to him that all women are not the same :D

    Can't wait for what you've got in store for us....I will love to see the two kids becoming friends and be the bridge that will make their parents to become friends as well ;)

    Good luck Pal and loads of Hugs n Love to you <3

    Sincerely yours, Zet xox

    1. Thanks a million pal. With my friends supporting me in this new location I have my confidence. I found my joy in writing in IF all those months back, and I continue to find my pleasure in it.

      You have never wavered in your faith in me. Love you for always being there. I need all the luck I can have for this.:)

    2. Awww anytime Love! *Hugs* ....I'm really proud of you and all you've accomplished so far when it comes to writing and like I said before you have to ability to go further :)

      Love you too, Pal...I can never lose faith in you, you will do it justice everything will be alright <3

      Here's to another wonderful journey together ;) xox

  2. Hugs to you Indu!<3 Glad to be part of another journey with such a fantastic writer:-) Am already loving it and will love to see a character sketch;)

    Do continue!

    1. Thanks Abie. This support means so much to me. The characters will take their own shape Abie, as and when we learn more and more about them.:)

      Loads of hugs back to you....

    2. Trust you Indu so will patiently waits and see how we grow in understanding the characters:)

      At least cos of you I'll be active on this side other than IF lol..

  3. Sorry for commenting so late, was busy with janmastami celebrations. You know that I am a big fan of ur FFs, and rightly so. The starting was really good. Already getting restless for the next part. Please continue soon.

    I am a Maneet fan. But u r the only other writer whose FF I love to read. U have a way of bringthe characters to life, no matter their names, it is the character u fall in love with. So thank you for starting another FF. eagerly waiting for an update.

    1. Happy Janamashtami my friend! I hope the puja and the celebrations went well. Thank you for the kind words and the support. I hope I'll do justice to Raj and Naina's characters. This is my acid test cause all my readers are from the IF, and they are either Yash/Aarti followers or GC/KS's. I had begun watching Geet after a few months of is inception...and those two characters also have stayed with me. Need your wishes that Raj and Naina, faceless to everyone, become as close as those others we know.

  4. Hello,Indu ji!
    I apologise for the late reply.I had the same network issues hounding me.
    I love the fact that you have found new muses.I like the plot so far and am willing to read further.I have stated many times before that I adore your writing style and would read anything you write.
    As i I had mentioned before,I like to give the characters faces so that I can imagine the scenes more easily,I would like your permission to view them as I please.
    Love the blog and update soon!

    1. Hi Vishakha. Thank you so much for the nice words.

      Pls don't apologize my dear friend. I am just so very glad that you took time out for this new venture. I had to create a blog because I wanted to go beyond Yash and Aarti. You have no idea how humbling it is when I see my friends from IF make an effort to read WOS and navigate their way to writing a comment.

      As for giving the character faces, please go ahead and envision them the way you wish to. When I write, I too have the pictures of Raj, Naina, et al. etched in my mind.