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Whispers of Spring.....Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Betia, Stop. You are mistaken….that’s Colonel saab.” Altaf Mohammad said in a breathy voice.

As Naina gaped open mouthed, the little girl slipped down the sofa from behind her and walked slowly to the stranger and slipped her arm through his, looking back at her raised stick speculatively with still-sleepy eyes. Naina lowered the stick with a sheepish smile at her. Meanwhile, Altaf chacha had scurried across the length of the hall and saluted the man, “Salaam, Colonel saab!!” 

The Colonel nodded and touched his right hand to his forehead in a casual salute and said in a serious voice, “Salaam, Altaf mian! Good to see you. How is your family? Has your son settled in the regiment?”

“He is fine saab.” Naina watched wide eyed as Altaf chacha’s eyes grew moist, “If it were not for you, he would have completely gone astray. You got him into the army and made us proud parents. You are always there in our daily prayers.”

“Hmm! I am glad he is doing well.” The dark eyes hardened as they traveled back to the rooted form of Naina, who stared right back…taking note of his appearance for the first time. 

He was tall, over six feet, lean, broad chested, and wide shouldered. Dark eyebrows arched over cold dark eyes that were thickly edged with equally dark eyelashes. Fair and clean shaven, with a square jaw and straight sharp nose, he was an aristocratic-looking man. …the scar notwithstanding. In fact, the scar enforced an altogether new meaning to his maleness. However, Naina was not impressed…well, not much. She had no time to give to his species. Few lessons of life are handed down without one asking for it…and she was made to experience the worst. She stared at him dispassionately. So this was the soldier grandson of Ranima. Now, how was she to know that he will drop in out of nowhere? And why was he shooting daggers at her with those big eyes? After all she was only defending her turf…actually his turf. But then, again, how was she to…..

Her wandering thoughts were cut short as his sardonic voice boomed across at her, “If you have finished inspecting me, would you mind arranging for a meal for my daughter and me?” 

Naina felt heat rise from her neck to her cheeks as she nodded.

“What happened? Cat got your tongue or what? Aren’t you going to apologize?”

Naina’s eyes flashed with sudden anger…the nerve of the man, “Apologize for what?”



“You will call me Sir. Good God, you are full of insolence. Are you new here? I have never seen such ill-mannered maids in Rawin Mahal before.”

Altaf chacha was about to say that the Colonel was grossly mistaken about Naina when he caught Naina’s eye as she shook her head slightly. All said and done, Beeji’s reputation was at stake here. She wasn’t going to risk this arrogant man complaining to Ranima and causing any ill feeling. Altaf chacha murmured something about getting the luggage from the car and walked away.

She lifted her chin and declared, “I apologize for my insolence Your Highness!!” He glowered at her, even as the end of his lips twitched with amusement…and she hastily corrected, “I mean…Sir! I meant no offence. It was a misunderstanding.”

“Hmm! Where is the rest of the staff?”

She briefly explained about they being given leave, “Since we didn’t expect you before Friday, they have all gone to their villages.”

“And why haven’t you gone anywhere?”

“Because my home is here in Palampur. Please don’t worry. Till they arrive back, I am there to…to serve you, Your Hi…I mean Sir!”

“That’s what bothers me.” He muttered. She raised a shapely brow, and he said aloud, “Go and see to that dinner. We’ll freshen up in the meantime.” He turned, paused, and then looked back at her, 

“We shall be occupying the last suite in the left wing upstairs. I hope you have done your work and the room is ready.”

Naina was about to throw a sharp rejoinder but bit back the words at the last moment, instead saying with exaggeratedly sugary tone, “It is ready, Sir. I hope it measures to your great expectations, Sir. Please summon me if you need anything, Sir. If I have your permission Sir, may I help the little princess wash and change?”

The Colonel gave her a long look, surprised at her mellowed demeanor and wondering whether she was being cheeky and mocked him. Her expression was of pure servile innocence…as if the girl with the wielding stick and sharp tongue was a figment of his imagination. He was brought up in environs where women were seen but never heard, but army had taught him otherwise….taught him that women are to be protected, respected, and cherished. But recent experiences in life had altered his perceptions, and now he firmly believed that one principle applied to all females: They are weak and shallow and are not to be trusted. But for some reason, this girl intrigued him. In a matter of few minutes, she had defied all that he considered to be a given. Even now as she waited for him to answer, she looked straight into his eyes…holding her ground. He allowed a grudging admiration to seep through at her proud bearing. Most jawans in his unit used to cower when he was in a lesser-foul mood. This girl didn’t show any fear of him, even after knowing his identity. Her eyes sparked like the hottest part of flame…and something else…something which hovered at the back of her eyes…something he had never seen and so couldn’t fathom…a vulnerability regardless of the confidence with which she carried herself. Plus she was striking…much too beautiful and classic to be a mere servant. He drew a sharp breath….“Damn it Raj! The journey has tired your brain as well. You are dwelling too much on this impertinent maid. She was nothing…a nonentity. Tomorrow I will talk to naani sa and delegate her under a senior in kitchen where she will remain out of sight.”

Naina was getting restless at the way he was looking at her, “Sir?...Is something wrong?”

He reacted with an unexpected surge of anger and contempt, “Speak when you are asked to. Trust a woman not to be quiet when required.”

Naina was livid, “I was just….”

He cut her short with an irate look, raising his hand in dismissal. He then bent toward the little girl, “Tanu, go with this aunty. She will take you to the washroom.”

Naina was surprised as she obediently left her father’s side and came to her and held her hand, looking up at her…as if awaiting her next command. She hadn’t yet heard the child utter a single word. Her heart went out for the little darling. She looked so lost. Where was her mother? Naina knelt and reached out to hold the thin arms after lightly brushing away the loose tendrils from her forehead, giving her a happy smile, “Hello Tanu! You have a pretty name…as pretty as you are. My name is Naina. Is Tanu your full name?”

The child shook her head and then looked at her father, who replied abruptly, “Tanu is short for Tanushri. She is three and very shy. She doesn’t speak much. Be gentle with her and make sure she changes into her pajamas after freshening up. They are in the little red suitcase.” With that he limped toward the stairs holding the stick. 

Naina stared after him for a moment. The man was impossible and rude. She wondered whether his physical disability made him like that or whether he was born angry. She wondered what happened to cause such injuries. Well, none of her concern…she shrugged and then turned her attention toward the child. Near the stairs he looked back. Naina had picked up Tanu and was slowly walking toward the ground floor guest room, softly talking with his daughter, who was staring at Naina with a rapturous look.

The clock struck 6 a.m., as Naina slipped through the kitchen door of the Rawin Mahal. She had to see this charade through till breakfast, after which Manohar and Champa, the couple in charge of the kitchen, would take over, followed by the rest of the staff. They were due to arrive by nine. Beeji had made the required phone calls when she heard from Naina about the fiasco at the mahal. Adi, though, was very excited when he heard that a real army man had come to live along with a little princess. Naina had grimaced as she realized she would have to give a “Colonel-alert” talk to her son before he raised the man’s heckles with his innumerable queries. She didn’t want her son disappointed and his enthusiasm trampled on by the Colonel’s boorish and grumpy attitude.

Naina placed the kettle on the gas for tea, and then took out the crockery for the Tea tray. As she waited for the kettle to come to a boil, she reflected back on the previous night. The kitchen had nothing except dry grocery, so she had sent Altaf chacha home with a Tiffin carrier after speaking with Beeji. Thankfully there was enough prepared food in the fridge to feed two mouths. She tended to Tanu and sat her in a chair in the kitchen as she went about preparing rice and kneading the dough for chapattis. The child may be quiet but she was adorable and had a delightful laugh. Soon she was responding to Naina’s chatter with nods and shakes, smiles and giggles, and even a couple of monosyllables. She followed her back and from the kitchen to the dining hall as Naina set the table for dinner. As they waited for her father to come down, Naina showed Tanu how the rooster in the mahal barnyard strutted about with its held stretched high and shouted at any hen crossing his path, making Tanu laugh and clap. As she enacted Sultan the Rooster’s behavior, she couldn’t help recalling the Colonel’s forbidding demeanor. A giggle of mirth broke through which stifled into a gurgle as she twirled to face a furious Colonel.

“What the hell are you doing?”


As Tanu giggled again, her father glared at Naina. A deep shade of hauteur spread over his features, but he spoke not a word. He sat down after running a gentle finger over Tanu’s cheek, having obviously decided against escalating the issue. He had enough battling of wits for one night. One never knew what the woman would say or do next. Good God, she was maddening. Yet, as he looked at his daughter, her face red with glee, he couldn’t help wondering whether he was being too judgmental. He finished his meal in mute, speaking only once…to stop Naina from feeding Tanu, saying she was old enough to eat herself and doesn’t need any mollycoddling. After they had eaten, he rose and beckoned Tanu to come with him. She stood still for a moment, uncertainty writ large on her face as she looked first at Naina and then her father. Naina didn’t wait for any permission before stepping  forward and kissing the child, “Goodnight Tanu! Sleep well, little princess. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She was rewarded with an angelic smile. For the first time she saw something other than anger flit through the Colonel’s face as she lifted her face to wish him goodnight. But the very next moment the scowl was back on his countenance as he harrumphed a response and turned away.

Sheesh, what a grouch!! Naina thought now as she poured the tea into the kettle and arranged the plate of biscuits on a tray along with the day’s newspaper. He seemed to be perpetually angry. Does he ever smile? Yet she couldn’t help recalling his gentleness with Tanu. Their’s didn’t seem to be a highly demonstrative father-daughter relationship, but there certainly was something strong there. It was clear that the little girl trusted and accepted her father as he was. Naina slapped her forehead lightly, admonishing herself for wasting too many thoughts on the man. She hadn’t slept well last night as ghosts of past had come visiting. This man’s apparent bias against women had stroked unpleasant memories that she had thought had finally become dormant.

With a sigh, Naina lifted the tray and turned toward the stairs, only to find the tormentor of her thoughts coming down wearing a tracksuit. He nodded without looking at her when she wished him and gestured the tray toward the dining hall. He stretched his hand to take the newspaper and then walked toward the table. Naina noticed that his limp was a little more pronounced this morning. After she poured his tea, he dismissed her with a shake of his hand, his face hidden behind the newspaper. She couldn’t resist sticking out her tongue and was immediately caught as he lowered the paper to reach out for the tea. He narrowed his eyes and she dashed out of the room.

Naina came out of the kitchen only when she was sure he had left for a walk. She went up to the bedroom to find Tanu sleeping deeply, cushioned with pillows from all sides. So, she had slept on the master bed with her father and not on the separate cot arranged by Altaf chacha. The man was not a lost case altogether…somehow the thought came as a relief.

Manohar and Champa arrived before eight, having caught an earlier bus. Five others walked in few minutes later. Naina assigned Beena, the middle-aged assistant housekeeper, to take personal care of Tanu. The child was still sleeping and the Colonel was in the gym, having gone their straight after his walk. Naina decided she was no longer needed and left after requesting the staff not to mention who she was if the Colonel asked…and to just tell him that she was given the day off. She had to get Adi ready for school and then get her day going as well.

Near the gates she bent to pick up some jasmine flowers for Beeji’s pooja. Cupping the flowers in her hands she looked up and took a deep breath of fresh air, smiling at the glorious play of sunshine over the pristine hills. With a skip of a step she stepped out of the gates and turned toward her home, without noticing a dark pair of eyes that followed her actions from the gym window till she was out of sight.

Naina ran a kindergarten situated at the far end of the Rawin Mahal estate on the foothills of a hill. Ranima had readily gifted away the land when Naina requested why she needed it. She had refused to take any rent for land. But when she offered to build the school, Naina had politely declined, and had instead taken loan from the bank. She had herself designed the layout. It was built like a little palace, with a difference. One wing was completely made of glass, where children played and yet get the feel of being outdoors. The classrooms were large and colorful, with nursery mural adorning the walls. There were big lawns in front. One side had all kinds of regular playing aids…swings, slides, sand pits, and so on. But one complete side was devoted to assortment of small-sized flower beds, maintained by the little ones. Naina herself would sit with each child teaching them how to take care of their little pieces of land. This not only fulfilled their inherent urge to play in soil but also made them feel proud of their handiwork. She had named the school “The Happy Hours”. On asking she had told Beeji, “I want the children to have the happiest moments of their day here…'Learn with Fun' is what I am aiming at.” In the children’s laughter and games, with Adi and Beeji alongside her, Naina had found the essence of her life back. Adi was admitted this year in Class I in a city public school.
Apart from the school, she helped in the management of the old age home and orphanage run under the aegis of the Rana Sumer Singh Trust. 

It was the beginning of a new session in the school…and new session meant new admissions. Naina kept very busy through the next three days. She hadn’t heard from the Rawin Mahal. Beeji was keeping track and told her all was fine there. If she had probed more, Beeji would have wondered, since Naina liked to maintain a distance where the palace’s personal matters were concerned. That was the reason she didn’t know much about Ranima’s family. She met Ranima, when she was in town, once a month and apprised her regarding the school and the Homes. She never let the relationships with anyone cross a cordial limit, mainly because closeness meant the other person would query her past. It was another matter that unknown to Naina, Ranima knew all about her, courtesy Beeji, who couldn’t say No to her friend when she was asked point blank. Ranima was an astute lady, and it hadn’t taken her long to see the shadows beyond Naina’s ever-sunny disposition.

Naina was sifting through her briefcase, when Adi came and hugged her. She turned and smacked a kiss on his cheek, “What’s this early-morning buttering all about Mr Aditya Bhatia? I have been hugged three times, kissed four times, and smiled at six times ever since you woke up. What do you want?”

“Mumma, it’s Saturday today.” Adi grinned. His mother always saw through him.

“Yes. So?”

“You said on Monday that if I drank my milk through the week without a fuss, you will grant me a wish on Saturday.”

“Oho…so you have a wish. But you cheated on Wednesday.”

“I really was very sleepy after half glass. Really…really. God promise!”

“All right! What is it that you want so badly.”

“I want to meet the army uncle and the little princess. Please mumma…please. Please take me to the mahal. I won’t misbehave I promise. I only want to ask him how to hold the rifle and crawl when the enemy soldiers are shooting.”

Naina stared at his pleading face and her heart melted, “OK Adi. Be ready in the evening. I’ll take you. Now may I go to the school? I have some admissions coming in today.”

“Thank you mumma. I’ll go and tell Beeji. We’ll take her also. Maybe she has some questions too.”

“Right. Tell her I have left. She has been on phone for awhile. I don’t want to disturb her. I’ll see you in a few hours. Play with Bobby when he comes for lunch, and don’t trouble Beeji.”

Naina hugged Adi and left in her jeep. Saturdays were off for Adi. Today his best friend was coming over to spend the day with him….which meant playing soldier-soldier through the day. Naina smiled to herself as she parked in front of the school. Draped in a midnight-blue chiffon saree with lightly printed border, her long hair tied in a single braid, and adorning just kajal and lip gloss, she looked exquisite.

She spent the next hour working on the school files and meeting a couple of parents who had come for admission. She was bent over the printer when a familiar deep voice spoke from behind, “May I come in Ma’am?”

What was he doing here? He was supposed to be on vacation, and she would have expected him off somewhere in the beautiful mountains and valleys…not making school visits. She took a deep breath and turned with a smile, “Yes please. What can I do for you?” Naina cringed inwardly, fully expecting the blast when he saw her.

However, nothing of the sort happened. Just for a moment his eyes widened, registering his shock, and then he announced, “I am Colonel Rajveer Singh Rathore. I need to speak to Mrs S. Bhatia, the principal.”

“You are speaking to her Colonel. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you.” He sat and stared at her, contemplating something, and then spoke in a thick voice, “You lied. You said your name was Naina.”

Well, that didn’t take long, Naina sighed as she sat back in her chair.

To be continued………


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      Naina seems to have had gone through something very bad, yet she has come out of it strong and completely self-reliant, though she too has her biases. For some reason she steers clear of men, just as Raj has formed some biases against women even though his army background ensures that regardless of his personal opinions he should respect the opposite sex. Tanu seems to have been affected by whatvever went on woth his life. She is very shy and quieter than a normal child...a fact that Naina instinctively realized and went about rectifying. That's why Tanu responded so easily to her...Obviously the child misses a mother figure.

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