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Whispers of Spring....Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Are you mocking me Naina Bhatia?”
“May God help me if I dare do that, Your Highness.” She looked at him impishly, and added with a sigh, “Why don’t you loosen up a little? You are all wound up like a tight coil of self-imposed rules. So what if we take a detour of an hour or so. I am sure Mr Adhikari won’t mind. We mountain folk are quite adaptable.”
“That may be. But I am not molded that way. I respect time.” He glanced at her, “By the way, rules are made not to be broken, but are made so that one abides by them and stays whole.”
“Sometimes one has to completely break before they are made whole again,” she murmured.
“What’s that?” He frowned as he glanced sideways and his eyes took in the slight tremor in her tilted chin.
“Nothing. The bus stop is close to the crossing. Please let me off there.” She glared at him stubbornly.
“Don’t be obstinate Naina! We are going straight and that’s final….whether you like it or not. You can go to the temple some other day.”
“I am not stopping you Raj. I need to do this. So, the best solution is you let me off. I guess this was a mistake to begin with. I should have known better and insisted on going on my own.”

Raj swore under his breath and swerved to the left, stopping the car. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration, mussing it and then turned to her. He stared at her for several long moments until her eyes widened in trepidation and her breath held, waiting for his next words, which never came as he regarded her silently.

She let out a ragged breath, which she realized she was holding, and said in a rush, “Why are you staring at me like that? Don’t think you can impose your say on me by giving me those looks? You don’t scare me.” She crossed her arms and stared in front, scowling, “Men! Bah! You are all same. You think a woman’s will does not matter. You think you can play the domineering alpha male and push her to do anything…anything.”

His jaw clenched, “That’s a huge generalization, Naina.”

“Maybe. Nonetheless, I haven’t been proven wrong so far,” she returned in a faraway voice.
In that instant, Raj felt something shift inside him. The woman he barely knew had managed to tie him up in all sorts of ways he couldn’t explain even himself. He reached out and turned her face toward him with a finger under her chin. Her eyes that were dancing with mischief a few seconds earlier had now darkened, and a shadow of pain lurked in their depths. He inhaled sharply and let his hand drop.

His gaze searched hers. When he spoke, his voice was soft, “Who hurt you, Naina?”
The air around them thickened….at least she was sure it had as an ache erupted within her heart and suddenly she couldn’t breathe. She wrapped her arms around her and tore her gaze away from him, projecting a posture of such vulnerability that his chest tightened with a heavy feeling. He had to lean sideways to hear her tremulous whisper, “No one.”

Then the moment passed, and he knew with a jolt of familiarity what was going to happen next. He almost felt the cloak of walls surround her, as she squared her shoulders and faced him. Her eyes had widened in annoyance; only give away was her voice that was unnaturally bright as she spoke, “That was a smart move Colonel. But you can’t sidetrack me with that sap talk. Now, please drive. I’ll get down at the turning of the crossing. We’ll meet up at the orphanage around noon.”

Without a word, Raj started the car and when the crossing came, instead of stopping he took the turn and drove on. Naina peeked at him. He was looking straight ahead with a deadpan expression…not a muscle moved. She turned toward the window and mouthed a silent “Yes’’ pumping her left fist in the air just slightly. If she had looked at him, she would have noticed the faintly amused smile that fleetingly broke across his face.

Naina bought a puja thaali and flowers from a vendor and took off her sandals near the temple steps. She turned to find Raj sitting on the side wall
“Aren’t you coming?”
“You go ahead Naina. I’ll be up in a few minutes. I have to call Mr Adhikari and let him know we’ll be late.”

Naina went and gave the thaali to Panditji after he had finished attending to an old lady. He gave her a huge smile and blessed her as she bent down to touch his feet. The old pandit was also Rawin Mahal’s official priest and knew Naina well.
“On whose name should I offer the prayers today, bitiya.”
“A little girl, panditji. Her name is Tanushri Rathore. I want you to pray for her so that mata rani’s blessings are always with her and she doesn’t feel the lack of a mother in her life.”
“Are we talking about Raniji’s granddaughter, bitiya?”
“Yes, panditji.”

Panditji smiled and kept his hand on Naina’s head before turning toward the idol, “Who says the little princess does not have a mother? Mata rani has already taken care of that particular emptiness.”
“What do you mean, panditji?”
“All in good time…all in good time.” With that he began his puja.
After the puja, panditji gave her the thaali and kept a marigold in her hand, “Keep this flower next to her bed. It’s from mata rani’s lap. It’ll keep the little princess warm and loved till her mother is with her forever.”
“You are talking in riddles today, panditji.” Naina smiled.
“That’s because you don’t see what I see, bitiya,” he chuckled. “Aha…Kunwarji, why do you stand there? Come. Take mata rani’s blessings and her prasad.”

Naina took the thaali and turned to find Raj looking at her strangely. He stepped forward and took panditji’s blessings, who soon got busy attending to the next devotee after exchanging a few words with Raj.

His gaze not wavering from hers, he took the prasad from Naina and asked, “You wanted to come here for Tanu?” Emotions flickered in his eyes…unfamiliar, raw emotions that left her strangely breathless before he covered up.

Naina nodded and gave him the flower wrapped in a red cloth, “Keep this under Tanu’s pillow.”
Raj shook his head, “No. You have prayed for her. You must do it.”
“No arguments, Naina.” He looked around, “Do you wish to go to those other temples also?” There was a holy pond and a few other idols in the temple complex. The architecture was nothing spectacular, but there was a spiritual aura that surrounded the temple and attracted devotees into its divine fold.
Naina shook her head, “Not today. I’ll come another day with the kids. And Beeji.”
“And me?” He raised a brow.
“And you too…that is, if and when you decide not to look straight down your aristocratic, rule-bound, stiff nose.” She grinned.

They were walking toward the gate. Naina faltered on her step when she saw him throw back his head and laugh. The gesture softened his face. He bantered back, “You won’t spare me on that one, will you?”
“Nah…never. It’s not everyday that I can claim victory on a soldier.” She shot back.
“And not everyday does one take pleasure from surrendering.” Naina was still digesting that when she realized something, “You are walking without your stick!!”
“Yup….I am trying to get rid of it. The walks on the trails here are doing the trick, along with the exercises.”

Naina stopped near the car, “What had happened, Raj?”

He reached out to hold her by the elbow and pull her aside as a group of youngsters descended from the steps, jostling everyone on the way. She felt the warmth of his touch tingle her skin, and a shiver moved through her…a very pleasant shiver. He guided her to her door and opened it for her. She glided in quietly. They drove along in comfortable silence for a few minutes before Raj answered, “A mine.”
“A mine blast happened.”

Before he could elaborate further, her stomach chose that moment to let out a loud, gurgling, unladylike growl. He jerked his head toward her and said amusedly, “That’s quite a rumble. Haven’t you eaten anything?”

Naina’s cheeks reddened with embarrassment, “No. I’ve just had tea. I don’t eat when I visit the temple.”
“Do you have anything other than cakes in those baskets of yours?” He gestured behind.
“Yes. Coffee and sandwiches. Beeji packed them for us.”
He drove silently for a few minutes and then after a couple of kilometers turned left on a dirt path.
“What are you doing Raj?”
“We are taking a break, so that you can have your breakfast. There’s a stream ahead.”
“But you will get more late. And so will I.”
“No. We won’t. We have enough time to make it to Kangra. I called Mr Adhikari and the Homes as well and apprised them of the changed timings.” He opened the trunk and took out the flask and the packet containing the sandwiches, paper plates, and glasses.

He turned to find Naina cupping her mouth and trying to smother her laughter that threatened to bubble out of her guts.
“ It’s just….” She couldn’t help and doubled-up laughing.
He looked at her with a puzzling look, as if she had gone nuts, “Does hunger affect your brains Naina?”
She guffawed and put her hands on her hips, “Back home, what did you say about the baskets?...Remember?” And then she cleared her throat and mimicked him in a gruff voice, “We are going for official visits, not a picnic.

He started walking toward a clear patch by the stream, “Yeah…yeah…go ahead and have a laugh, but don’t forget what you said as well. What was that? Something about me being the last person you would go on a picnic with. Don’t forget this unpracticed drill is kind courtesy your protesting belly.”

They sat down on the grass. Raj poured himself coffee as Naina ate and watched the stream prancing over the rocks and pebbles. It was evident his thoughts were elsewhere when Naina glanced at him and saw a somber look shadow his handsome features.
“Raj?” Naina called out softly, not wanting to intrude yet something compelling her to see him get back to his animated self.

He took a sip of his coffee, but didn’t look at her, and then spoke slowly, “Three years back, my unit was posted at Kupwara, Kashmir.” He turned then, “It’s a terrorist-infested terrain.”

“I know Raj. At one time, papers were full of that region….Kupwara, Shopur, Bara mola…”

“Baramulla.” He corrected her and continued, “It was just before the winters. That’s the most crucial time for army in that region, as the adversary from across the border helps infiltrate as many terrorists as possible just before the snow falls. We received an intel that a hard-core terrorist was going to slip into a nearby village and take shelter in the headman’s house that evening. We surrounded the village quietly, got the house evacuated, and planted mines all around the house to trap him. My second-in-command had got injured the previous day in a road accident, so I was heading the ambush. I was hiding behind the coal shed in the backyard when I saw this child wander inside through the back gate, just a few yards away from me. He had a ball in his hands. There was no time to think as I leapt…I was a few steps away when the ball rolled through his hands and he ran after it.” He paused as he choked on what was to come, but then lowered his voice and managed, “I was too late. My leg took the brunt of the blast. I was in various hospitals for almost two years.”

After a few silent moments, Raj looked at Naina. Her eyes had welled up, but she managed a teary smile and then asked in a voice thick with emotion, “What was his name?”
“The child’s.”

Raj stared at her, overcome with absolute awe and incredulity, and something so soul-stirring that he did not dare comprehend the feelings they awoke. Of all the people who met him after the incident…colleagues, friends, family…no one, not one person had asked him that. How did she know he would have followed up on the child?
“Waseem Qadir. He was just six.”
“As old as Adi.” She whispered. They sat silently for a few moments, each lost in own thoughts.
“Why did you ask me that? How did you know?”

She looked at him with earnest eyes, “I didn’t. I guessed…I think.” She got up, “We should go.” She started gathering things and tried not to take notice of the slight discomfort in Raj as he arose taking the help of the boulder on which he was leaning. How could she tell him that she knew he would have asked after the child, because it was something she would have done? The thought itself was stamped with a surety as it was with a strangeness.

“Goddammit!!” Naina swirled around as she heard the loud curse. To her horror she saw him kneel on his right leg as his left one lay twisted at an awkward angle.
“Oh my God, Raj! Stay still. You have broken your leg.” She rushed to him.

She was taken aback by the fury with which he lashed at her, “Stay back. I don’t need your help.”


To be continued…..


  1. To tell the truth, Indu, I had thought Naina had asked to go to the temple in order to have her way of going on the trip alone without Raj breathing on her.

    Not for one moment did I think that Naina was actually going to pray - that too, for Tanu!

    The cause behind Raj's injury did not come as a surprise - I had thought he had stepped on a mine or taken a shot at the hip. However, I had expected the injury to have been inflicted by the enemy not as a result of protecting a child!

    In short, today's update was in many ways full of surprises for me!

    Great going!!!


    1. Hi Meena....thanks pal. :)

      Well, by this time we know that Naina thinks from her heart. She was already taken to Tanu, but didn't know where her mother was or why she was not there with the kid. Not being the intrusive type, she never asked even beeji about the missing lady. So when beeji volunteered the info in the morning, Naina knew she had to pray for was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

      Raj is struggling with his physical handicap as much as Naina is with her emotional scars. Let's see how they deal with them.

  2. Awww....a very wonderful update Pal :-)...I just loved how they have started to open up to each other or well Raj mostly but we can still sense that Naina doesn't really like to talk about what happened to her in the past :-(

    lol Naina sure already got to Raj with her determination, independent and her sensibility ;-) Aww that was on heart touching story about how Raj got injured and when Naina asked him abut the child he was taken aback cause no one ever thought of asking him that question before...They are making way into each other's lives and they don't even realize it yet.

    Wow so even the Pandit sees what Raj & Naina don't yet, the latter going to the temple to pray for Tanu really touched the former...And then him inviting himself to her outing with the kids and Beeji was too cute ;-) lol

    Aww now Raj doesn't want to take Naina's help cause IMO he doesn't want to seem like an handicap to her but what he doesn't realize is that Naina doesn't think like that.

    Fantastic job Love...Keep ROCKING!!! XOX

    1. Thanks buddy.....You rock my rock of support and encouragement. Love you.

      Naina is gaining Raj's trust by being herself. She has already broken through much of Raj's misgivings against women. She oozes honesty and genuine bearing and there is no way Raj could bracket her with the other women he knew or generalize her character. Naina, on the other hand, is as she comes across, except where her past is concerned, which is a closed topic and a place where she allows no one.

      It's obvious that Raj has only met negative reactions where his handicap is concerned, and which has left him so cynical and angry and self-preserving.

    2. Awww *HUGS* Love you too xo

      Exactly Naina has proven to Raj that all women are not alike and that there are honest and generous ones still in the world :-)...She makes him smile a lot and vice versa but when something reminds them of their pasts they tend to shoutdown :-( As for Naina well her past is an enigma all we know is that it was a painful one that left a scar but didn't break her spirit and I think that Adi has been her strength along with beeji.

      Poor Raj seems all he ever heard over the years were negativity like u said and so when Naina offered to help him he misunderstood her genuine concern as pity :-( hope he realizes soon that she does care for him and that his disability doesn't bother her.

      All the best with everything my Dear can't wait for the next installment! ;-)

  3. Fantastic update as always Indu. I was wondering if Naina wanted to use the temple as an excuse to get away from Raj but I was pleasantly surprised to see that she wanted to go there to pray for Tanu. I think that little gesture changed Raj's perception of the person she is and hence the slight ease in which they communicated after. It was also nice to see the reason for Raj's accident and the fact that he actually shared it with Naina when he is a private person. Fab job as always and looking forward to what is in store next as their journey continues.

    1. Hey Saf...thanks a bunch.

      Well, Naina might have got a little thrill of riling Raj regarding a shift in plans, but she did want to go to the temple ever since she heard about Tanu's mother's abandonment. And yes, Raj thawed more after he realized that this was not a whim on her part but a genuine concern for Tanu....which led to him opening up somewhat to her.

  4. Lovely update
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    1. Thanks Radha.

      Naina is not ready to let anyone into whatever happened in her past. To her, that's a place which is out of bounds for everyone. She has moved on, made a life for her and Adi, and does not want the past events to have a say in their present.

      Raj is being a typical man. Men don't like people pitying their physical shortcomings.

  5. Great story so far Indu. The past of both the protagonist is scarred and I shall love to see how they evolve from here on.


    1. Hey Deepti! So glad to have you here. Welcome pal! How have you been?

      Thank you for the words of appreciation. Coming from a fab writer, this means a lot.

  6. Great update Indu,,,loved it
    So suprised to see that Naina wanted to go to the temple to pray for that little Tanu
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    1. Thanks Rachna.

      Raj has a hard exterior but a soft core....In contrast, Naina has a soft exterior, but has built a strong wall to her past, a reason she always shuts off anyone who gets too close to know about it.

  7. Awesome update Indu! Loving how much they getting into one another;-)
    What a surprise, so Naina was going to temple to pray for Tanu. Ahaan, the pandit saw what either Naina or Raj haven't. :-)

    Hehe both of them went back on their words regarding the picnic basket LOL..!

    Aww the way Raj got injured was painful. :(

    Indu you keeping me glued with each and every chapter.

    1. Thank you Abie. :)

      This chapter was just a glimpse to how in spite of their individual resolutions and beliefs, they are opening up to each other oh so instinctively. They are reacting to each other's emotions and experiences on a level they have never done with anyone before.

      As for Raj getting injured that's OK, cause he was a soldier, and a soldier takes such mishaps in his stride. But what happened thereafter probably caused him to become so bitter.

  8. Thank you so much for the PM!! Love the growing friendship between these two souls but they both have a long way to go. Once the trust develops, all will fall into place slowly!!!!
    Looking forward to the kids playing cupid!

    1. Thanks Bharathi.

      There's an instinctive understanding and empathy between the two for each other. Trust will come when they find the other taking stands for them, contrary to what happened in their pasts.

  9. That was an awesome episode. their personalities deserve an applaud(ofcourse inturn u too). Fantastic characteristics and loved their passion towards other human.-scorpiodreams

    1. Thanks pal....and a big hug for the subtle, affectionate compliment. :)

      Unknowingly, Raj and Naina have already reserved a special place for each other in their hearts....and their need to learn about each other is growing more strong, more urgent after each interaction.

  10. Fantastic as usual - can't wait to read the next one!


    1. Hi sweetie! So glad to find you here. I am happy I could rope you in for WOS, a non-Yash/Aarti story. Thanks for the support. :)

  11. an emotional update Indu..... raj talking itself is a great thing which he has never done so. kept things to himself and suffer. naina too masked .... beeji, raniji and panditji have decided to give them both a chance knowing they would be the best of soul mates. both of them coming out of their shell. am sure naina will give back raj when he shouts at her for extending help... that would be awsome. she already has given her opinion now not once about her opinion of men in general..she has to hear the real story why the general talks like this too.
    waiting.....thanx for the PM.... janaki

    1. Thank you Janaki.

      There's a distinct difference between Raj's and Naina's personalities: Raj is wary of people and their reactions and so takes refuge in his privacy. Naina finds her solace in other people, even though what she has bottled up is not up for anyone's scrutiny. Yet, for some reason, they find themselves responding to each other and creating a comfort level of their own...something very different from what they share with others.

      Let's see how Naina takes this blow hot, blow cold behavior of Raj. Like you say, she is not the one to take nonsense, yet she is a very sensitive person. She just might surprise Raj again. :)

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    Want to know whether Raj will be able to stand on his feet without the help of Naina.....his past clouds him when it comes to taking help from woman......waiting to know more.

    Indu - enjoyed the journey with them so far....U R fab dear.


    1. Thanks glad to have you on the journey.

      You got that part about Raj and Naina so right. Indeed, it is because of Naina and her spirited and sensitive nature that Raj finds himself opening up. In spite of her trying to rub him the wrong way all the time, Raj has seen beneath the exterior shell of this woman...which itself is strange, given his reservations regarding women in general.

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  14. wow.. yet another wonderful update.. the trip to the temple was for tanu not her personal banter with raj.. that was touching.. the point that panditji made about tanu soon getting her mother... either he is in on beeji and ranima's plans or he can see the future of these two.. love how the adults are not forcing anything on to them.. instead letting them figure out their own journey and path..

    their lil arguments are so fun and cute to read about..
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    Ruchi (princess4120)

    1. Hi Ruchi....Did I ever say I love reading your say on the chapters? My bad, if I didn't. Thanks a ton for such a lovely comment.

      Panditji is an old, religious man who has a firm grasp on human emotions and beliefs. It didn't take him much to see that a woman who is not remotely related to a little girl should come all the way to the temple and pray for her. Only a woman who has motherly affections would do that.

      Raj's past should be a little more clear and guessable now. It's Naina who has closeted her past more firmly.

      Soul mates...exactly. Naina just assumed he would have followed up with the child, just as she would have done...What she took as given was not even thought of by anyone else.

      You take care too. With lots of love...:)

  15. Hi Indu, once again a heart warming update.
    No wonder Raj wants to get to know more about Naina. She has so many layers and not as easy to read as she seems.
    The reason of Raj's injury just shows more about his character of strong, hard exterior but with a soft core. I think it was Raj's ego which hurt more, which was why he did not want Naina to help him. I hope Naina will not cower, but stand up to him.

    1. Thanks Bharathi.

      Spot on observation...Naina has layers. She has a cheerful persona to show everyone. But the shadows beneath those layers are unseen to everyone...well, almost everyone. She hasn't fooled Raj.

      Raj is a typical example of a man who hates pity...especially if someone feels sorry about his physical shortcomings.

  16. Indu Di I had no Blog account so till now couldn't comment .But I will be regular on your posts from now.Let me read all the parts together

    1. Hey Nusrat! Welcome to the blog! Take your time...I shall await your thoughts. :)

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    1. Thanks a million Sharlene. Yeah, Raj has a hang-up regarding his injury. Maybe people so far have reacted in a way that made him so cynical and harsh. Naina might surprise him. Let's see.

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    1. Oh Wow...and a double Wow!!! You have a way with words my friend...It's like being woven into poetry of sorts. Thanks for such an aesthetic feedback. It's beautiful...and I loved it. I especially loved what you wrote about Raj n' Naina:
      "...two young unforrowed souls rolling to meet each other like two velvet peaches that will eventually open up their budding hearts at the wonder to erupt like a volcano thus mingling as easily as two brooklets that ask for nothing but to entwine themselves and ripple with ever-interlacing curves in the leafiest hiding-places...."


  19. Hai

    Indu dear ,

    It's me Naeema here , how are you and your family? Thank you for your PM, yesterday read your new story " whispers of spring " in one go, fabulous write up. Love the story raj and naina their interactions are too good I just get lost in it. The kids are amazing why do I have a feeling that I am reading a different story of PV. ESP naina character the only visual being comes to my mind is KS. Thanks waiting to read your next update Insha Allah soon. Till then peace be upon you.

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    1. Welcome to my blog Rosey! Thanks a ton for taking time off and coming here to write a response. Big hugs for that.

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