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Whispers of Spring.....Chapter 15

Chapter 15

The phone slipped through Naina’s lifeless fingers. Before Raj could gather himself and go to her, she had rushed past him toward the restrooms. He picked up the phone, glanced at it, and followed her inside the restroom, regardless of the decorum. He heard her throwing up and hurried to her, holding her by the arms and rubbing her back. Once she was done, he wet a towel and gently wiped her face. She was cold and shivering and he quietly gathered her into his arms. She clung to him as if her life depended on it. Raj didn’t say anything, silently offering his strength and warmth. They stood there for a long time till Naina calmed down and clarity seeped back. She suddenly realized where she was and lifted her head and then stepped away, immediately feeling the loss of the warmth of his secure arms.

She looked away from him, “Sorry Raj. I…it must have been something I ate. I am sor…”
He lifted her chin, “Never mind that. Are you OK?”
“Yes,” she nodded, “I am fine. Please take me home.”
He put an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him before turning toward the door. She looked up in defiance, “I can walk Raj. I am fine…really.”
“I know you are, but I am not taking any chances.”
“Gosh, why are you so stubborn? I am not some delicate China doll. I can take care of myself. I….” Before she continued her tirade, Raj put a finger on her mouth, “Sshh! You talk too much. For your information, if you were any worse, I would have carried you to the car. So just shut up and walk. I am not letting you away from me an inch. So don’t even try.”

He heard her mutter something under her breath. He smiled sadly down at her bent head before heading for the parking lot. Very gently he glided her into the car. Naina did not speak all the way home. There was a blankness in her eyes and rigidity in her posture. That’s when he realized…that the time to push had come. He couldn’t let her go through the pain and fear alone anymore. He knew she was holding back the part of her that was scared of her past…scared that it would somehow harm her present. It was time she felt herself fortified. It was time she felt the security that he was offering. It was time she felt empowered and let him in on her secrets.

Raj patted his trouser pocket and felt her phone. He recalled the picture he had briefly glimpsed…a picture that had triggered off such a violent physical reaction from Naina….a picture of her with a man in their wedding fineries. Clearly, it was a picture of her wedding and the man was her husband. Raj’s mind was playing around with innumerable questions…Who had sent it? And why did it terrorize Naina? Because that’s the condition she was in at the moment: completely terrorized…even though she tried to put up a brave front. Raj was filled with an impotent rage against the people who had scarred her so deeply. He had to know what happened to her, and what had her running so scared. There was no denying that someone was playing mind games with her….testing her strength and psychologically weakening her.

In front of the main door Naina rummaged through her purse for the keys, at the same time glancing at Raj, “You may leave now Raj. Thanks for all the help and the ride home.”
“I am not going anywhere.”
She suddenly got angry, “For heaven’s sake Raj, I don’t need a babysitter. I am fine.” Her voice sounded shaky and weird to her own ears. She needed to be alone. Why can’t he understand that? And why the hell were the keys as elusive as a sea nymph when you needed to find them soon in the depth of your purse. So frustrating!

Through her peripheral vision she saw Raj reach for her purse and take out the traitorous keys in a jiffy and open the door.
“Raj!” She protested feebly as he ushered her inside. She stood like a mule inside the door as he turned to close it, “I want you to leave Raj.”
“Not before I make you a sandwich and make some calls.” Nonchalantly he crossed her and walked toward the kitchen.
She stomped her foot in annoyance and mumbled, “Suit yourself. I am going to take a shower.”
That stopped him, “A shower? Now? Why?”
“Because I want to.” She ran upstairs before he could say anything.

Inside the room Naina tore her clothes away from her and rushed inside the bathroom. She turned on the cold shower and stood under it, breathing heavily, trying to cleanse herself and wash the memories away….memories that had surged back like a giant wave the moment she saw that cursed picture. This won’t do. She had to think. She had to plan. She had to leave. She stepped out and toweled herself. Yes, she had to leave. She had to go to them before they came here and wrecked everything. For a moment fear for Adi paralyzed her into immobility. She allowed the fear to consume her so that she remembered exactly how it was, and then she straightened up. She reined in her fears and let them freeze inside her. This was not the time to weaken. She let her body tune into battle mode just as she had all those years back when she had made her escape, blocking out all weaknesses. Changing into a pair of jeans and a T shirt, she opened the bedroom door to find Raj with knuckles on the air. His other hand was holding a tray.

“I waited. You were gone long. You OK?”
Naina sighed. She didn’t deserve him and his concern. He had a life of his own and her messed-up life was messing up his life. She couldn’t allow that.
“Thanks Raj. I am sorry I was rude to you. You really must go. Tanu must be waiting.”
“Everything is under control Naina. Altaf chacha will pick up Adi and beeji and take them to the mahal.”
“Why there?”
“Because we need to talk….and I don’t want any distraction.”
“Talk? About what?”
“Later. You eat first.” He placed the tray on her study table and made her sit on the couch. Disregarding her sulky expression and stubborn stance of shoulders he thrust the plate on her lap.
“Bully.” She grumbled indignantly before taking a bite of the sandwich.

He chuckled and made himself comfortable beside her. She glared at him and deliberately mumbled to herself. He heard “stubborn…tyrant…nagging” and a few other colorful words about pushy friends. He smiled affectionately. His woman was mad at him, and somehow that calmed him. At least she didn’t have that tormented look on her anymore. It also meant she had done whatever she did when she was scared to overcome her fears. Her anger didn’t bother him at all. It just made his heart ache for tenderness and love for the only woman who when it comes down to it really cared for him other than his grandmother.
His phone beeped and he switched it off. Naina was suddenly reminded of her phone. Her hands became clammy and wet and slowly she kept the plate away. Taking a deep breath she turned to Raj, “We have to go back to the hotel. I left my phone there.”
“I got it Naina. I picked it up.”
“Oh! May I have it please?” She stretched a hand, suddenly sounding distant and aloof, “Can we have the talk later? I have to do a few things, and I am already late.”
Raj took out the phone but didn’t give her….just stared at her. She gave him a cold look, “Raj! Please. I am not in mood for any teasing.”
Instead of giving her the phone, he pocketed it again. Naina’s eyes widened, “Raj, what are you up to?”
“Nothing. You will get the phone after we have had our talk.”

Suddenly Naina knew. He had seen the picture and connected the dot. She crossed her arms against her chest and looked away, “Fine. Keep it. I have nothing to say to you.”
Raj knelt in front of her and reached up to cup her face in his hands and made her face him, “Look at me, Naina. Talk to me. I want to help you. I am not like him. You must know that. I would never hurt you.”
Her eyes turned fearful. She whispered, “What do you mean?”
“He hurt you sweetheart, and even though I have half a mind to fly over to that town and take down the bastard, I want you to trust me and tell me what happened after your parents and sister died in the accident.”
“It was not an accident.” Her lips quivered and warm tears fell on his hands.

“What?” Raj’s hands fell to his sides, shocked.
“They were murdered.” She shifted as Raj sat next to her and held her hands.
“By whom?” Raj wanted to pull her into his arms and protect her from the pain that exuded from her bleeding heart. But she needed this…she needed to let go…she needed to talk. So he steeled himself for the worst. A deathly calm had settled over Naina after the initial tears, as if she was only voicing a conversation that she had had in her head several times.
“My uncle.” She looked down at their hands and tightened her grip.
“What was his motive?”
“The age-old one. Property. Papa was going to sell the land that was in his name in the village for my college education. Uncle wanted it for himself. Papa refused to give it to him. After papa that land would have come to my mother and us, so uncle wiped off the family.”
“But he spared you.”
“Yes. That’s because my grandfather had willed me a separate piece of land. My uncle needed me alive to sign it over to him. That’s why he took me to the village. He wanted me alive and well till the land was his.”
“Why didn’t you go to the police Naina?”
“That’s because I came to know about the accident being a murder after I was in village.” She looked at him with dull eyes, “You have to understand that I was totally numb and lifeless after papa, ma, and Milli died. I was completely zoned out for weeks together. I hardly have a recollection of my travel to the village.”

She closed her eyes and leant back clutching his hand. He gathered her to himself with his other hand and waited. Raj refused to process his own feelings at that moment. That will come later.

He rested his chin on her head as she pressed her face against his chest, listening to his heart beat against her cheek. She shifted in his arms and soon he heard her flat voice, “One evening I heard loud voices in the living room. I peeped from behind the window. A man was threatening my uncle. He said he had evidence and would tell the authorities if uncle didn’t do as he wished. I couldn’t quite catch what the stranger wanted of my uncle. But after he was gone, my aunt entered the room. That’s when my uncle told her that the stranger held proof that my uncle bribed a man to tamper with papa’s car and then ram into it with a truck. I was so angry that I barged into the room and blasted them and then tried to call the police from the phone there. My uncle stopped me and then he…he beat me till I was unconscious. When I came to, I found myself locked inside my room.”
She paused, breathing fast. Raj hugged her tight and rocked her. He then tried to get up but she held onto him, “Don’t go. Stay with me.”
“I am not going anywhere love. I’ll just get some water for you from the table. OK?”
She drank the water and then tugged at his hand to make him sit down. Raj brushed his fingers over the hair falling across her face, tucking them behind her ear. He pressed his palm on her cheek and said softly, “Naina, we can do this later. Why don’t you rest now? I’ll be right here.”
“No. You were right. We needed to talk about this. If something happens to me, I want you to be there for Adi and beeji and protect them. To do that you have to understand the background.”
“Nothing is going to happen to you. I will not let anything happen to you.”
“It’s not me I am worried about Raj…It’s Adi. He needs protection. And after that picture message, I know I don’t have time. Hear me out please.”

Raj nodded and hardened his heart for what he was going to hear next. Naina searched his gaze for signs of pity and anger, but saw only repressed anger. She knew she would have found it hard to go on if he had shown pity, but there was no hint of the emotion. He didn’t yet know the whole story, but whatever had happened he seemed to have trust in her strength to have dealt with it. He just sat there, giving himself. Her eyes welled up with pride and love that she felt for this man. 

She kept her hand over his and brought it down to rest over her heart. She resumed haltingly, “I was locked up for days together. My aunt opened the door once in the day to pass on food and water. The windows were grilled and overlooked a ravine. Then one day, my aunt came in and told me I was to be married that day. The village thakur’s son wanted me as his bride. My wish or choice was never under consideration. Yet I was relieved in a way.”

She looked at Raj and saw the question, “You see I thought I would at last have an access to the outside world. I thought I would ask my husband’s help to get my uncle arrested. At that point only the thought of justice for my family was my sole motivation. But I was wrong…so wrong. I got married and the same night I came to know that my uncle had traded his liberty with mine. My in-laws held the evidence against my uncle. I also came to know that I was my husband’s second wife. The first wife stayed in the same house and was treated like a servant because she turned out to be barren.”
“What did they want from you?”
“A son. They are obsessed with a male heir of their bloodline. Manmeet is their only son. They would face huge property issues with others of the clan if there is no male successor.”
“That’s why you are scared for Adi.”
“Yes.” She whispered, “If they find out he has their blood running in his veins, they will take him away.” 

She stood up then and started pacing, her hands balled by her sides, “There is no chance in hell that I would let those monsters near my son. I will go to them before they come here.”

Raj stood up and halted her agitated stride with a hand on her shoulder, “Calm down Naina, and think rationally. They cannot just take Adi away. You are unnecessarily worrying. The law won’t let them have Adi’s custody. Especially after you tell them how you were physically tortured and how they tried to kill you.”

Naina stared at him, “You don’t understand. The law won’t figure at all. If they come to know that I bore a son, they will just take him. Once they are in their village, no law can touch them. Over there, they are law unto themselves. The family is powerful and highly connected. I cannot fight that.”
“Listen to me Naina,” Raj made her look at him, “You are not a helpless, lone woman fighting against an army. You never were. What you did all those years ago was simply amazing. Best of soldiers fail at what you did…escape from enemy. Whatever they did to you over there, you still had the courage to defy them and escape. That is not the portrayal of a weak soul. You are the strongest person I know.”
“Well I sure am going to need some of that strength now,” she sighed.
“You have it in you, Naina. Don’t give up. Stay. If you leave, that would mean those bastards have won. Why would you do that? Stay and fight. You have people here who love you and care for you and Adi. You have me. Let them come. We’ll face them together.”

Raj pulled Naina in his arms, even as she murmured, “Why Raj? You don’t even know half of it. Why do you want to involve yourself in my mess?”
He kissed her head and said in a thick voice, “Because I love you.” He felt Naina stiffen and then step back.

To be continued…………


  1. What a marvelous update Indu. Just loved it. I'm so happy that Naina at last opened up which was much needed. Now Raj will stand by her. I know Raj will find a way to protect Naina and Adi soon. I hate those people who hurt Nana. They deserve a punishment. Poor Naina she has gone through a lot in her life. She loves Raj that she doesn't want Raj to get into her situation but Raj will never leave her as he loves her so much.
    I love the way you are touching each character and I really love this story a lot.
    Thank you so much for updating it I was waiting for it.

    1. Kate, I owe you an apology for making you wait for the updates. I have to say that your adorable impatience really touches me. What to do my friend, the story is at a stage that I need to be emotionally in the right frame of mind to sit and write.

      Glad the update has your approval. That's the unique invisible connection between Raj and Naina that what Naina didn't tell anyone all these years, she found it easy to unravel in front of Raj. He on his part knows only half the story and he suspects that the still-hidden part is more painful, yet he does what is the right thing, that is points to Naina all the positives in her life.

  2. Hi Indu, Stalking around your blog and found this update love it! This very interesting Nania's past so sad filled with so much pain and suffering and to think some people experience similar events in their life. My god what animals living as humans beings no shame for property you kill your own! Poor girl lost her parents and baby sister now betrayed by her uncle, beaten so violently, forced to marry, suffered more at the hands of your husband and in-laws. I like Raj also admire Naina her strength both physical and mental she escaped from that hell now her priority is to protect her son.I love Raj his love for Naina is so pure both she and Adi are his family now and he will do anything to protect them. Now that Naina heard Raj say he loves her waiting for her reaction.
    This update was Awesome!!
    Thanks so much for sharing I am going to re-read this story from the beginning.

    1. Thanks Sharlene.

      What Naina went through is not isolated. Unfortunately there are worst cases of girl atrocities in our country. Just today I read in the papers how a father gave away his 13-year-old daughter to another man after losing heavily in a gambling session.

      Raj, being a soldier, recognizes and admires real courage. He just reminded Naina of the mettle she is made of, in a bid to make her reacquainted with the kind of courage she possesses.

  3. Indu that was such an amazing update. From the start to the end of it I was hooked. I love the care and concern that Raj has for Naina by following her to the restroom and making sure she was ok then insisting that he stay over with her and that they have a talk so that she knows that he is with her. Naina’s past was heartbreaking with her uncle using her and then passing her on to another family that were only interested in her to keep their lineage going. I was glad that she got away from that and I really admire her strength and will to fight it out as she allows herself some level of weakness but then she puts all that aside and focuses on her main goal of protecting Adi. Wasn’t expecting Raj to admit that he loved her but in this situation he needed to as Naina needed to know that there are others that care and love her and Adi. This must have drained you emotionally but you did an amazing job at bringing across all the emotions. Can’t wait to see what is in store next.

    1. Thanks pal. You are absolutely right....this update was emotionally tough on me and to think Naina's story is still half told. That part will tell us why Naina will not accept Raj's love.

      I have stated earlier also, Raj is a simple-hearted man. He doesn't know how to hide emotions. When he saw Naina so much affected by a text, he realizes correctly that not only is she scared but she also is trying to face everything alone. It was about time she was reminded of how much people love her and, more importantly, how much he loves her....that unlike before, this time she is not alone. He was just instilling a sense of security in her, so that when the time comes she feels the strength of being loved and being empowered with the love.

  4. Another amazing update Sweetie <3<3<3

    Love how possessive Raj was when he just put his arms around Naina to help her walk, when he took her house keys from her and just entered the house while she was protesting...He knew that is woman was mad at him but that didn't matter to him cause all he wanted to do was to make her lessen her burden.

    Aww poor Naina, she has suffered a lot because of her uncle's greed, and now her in-laws are after Adi....Raj is Naina's pillar and his words give her strength and courage to go on. But what will his confession do to her?? When she thinks that she isn't worthy of him <_<

    Can't wait for what comes next and by the way thanks for making Raj confess his love for her this IMO will give me more strength than she already has :-)

    P.S Hope you and yours are good, may god bless you always *HUGS*...I'm getting over a bad flu but all is good, love you *muuaahhh*

    1. Hey pal...hope the flu is over and you are wll on the road to recovery. Remember all the instructions you gave me when I had it a month back....lots of fluids, lots of rest, and lots of smiles. The last one is my prescription :)

      Me and mine and ours are all good and enjoying the Kolkata winter **Bear Hugs**

      Glad you liked this one. Naina's tragic life moves me when I write about her past.It was tough. But this has to be done...this was the phase of dark winter in her life. She refuses to look at Spring (Raj's love) because of the chill she still carries from that darkness.

      Your observation about Raj's confession is on the spot. Firstly, Raj is a straightforward man. He may have confessed before this...but he was sensitive to Naina's feelings so held back. But when he sees how she is suffering and how isolated she feels in her crusade, he realizes she has to be empowered with love. He is not asking her love her back...just letting her know that she has his love and support and that she is not alone on this.

    2. Hey Love! Flu is gone and and much much better thankuu for asking....Aww you remembered my recommendations, I did them all even though it wasn't easy being on bed rest for so many days...I'm was going a wee crazy ;) lol BTW thanks for the smiles you've prescribe *HUGS*

      Happy to hear that you and yours are doing fine and enjoying the Kolkata weather...You all have a great week ahead! God Bless u XOX

      Exactly Naina is so afraid to look at the ray of light that is trying to shine through the darkness she has been in for so long...And I'm very happy that Raj handed her that torch (his love).

      I know Raj doesn't expect anything from Naina but the latter might get the wrong impression at first until he tells her that he just wanna fight this battle with her and let her know that he'll always be by her side and that he will wait for her however long it takes :)

  5. Thanks for the pm.
    Loved the update. The love and care shown by Raj was touching. Any other man would have probably left her alone mistaking her false facade for attitude. But Raj can see through her.
    Naina's past was horrifying and yet there is much more. It's a wonder that she is able to maintain her happy facade in front of others.
    Hoping that Naina will not reject Raj's love, but can understand if she does. She does not want to get him in trouble.
    Indu the story is coming out ver well. Waiting for more.

    1. Thanks Bharathi. I am glad that you find the connectivity satisfactory. That's one thing that bothers me, that is, I should not loose the threads connecting the story.

      For a man who, when he first came to Palampur, was so distrustful of women that he misjudged Naina in their first encounters to now understand her completely, Raj has come a long way. It is the depth of their connection that they have achieved with each other what many couples take years to achieve: trust and understanding.

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    those people made naianas life horrible............that made her terrible to even think of that again raj i also dont want naiana to give up so easily ....she is a fighter ....and i want to fight her battle now with raj along her side ..............she is not alone anymore .........

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    1. Thanks Rosey. Your comments and feedbacks touch me to the core. It's such a treat to read feelings and emotions from your point of view.

      I really had to give a lot of thought to Raj's confession. Then I realized I was thinking from Naina's pint of view, not Raj's. The moment I saw it from his viewpoint, it was clear that Raj would have in any case told her...even if the phone incident had not occurred. He has nothing to hide, has he? He has always been open and clear with Naina in all his emotions.

  8. Indu...Amazing update! What an emotional one and you carried it so beautifully! <3

    Raj finally saw that picture on the phone and knew this is the right time to talk with her. Naina had such pain in her past. Although we are yet to know the whole story but with every bit shown one feels what she went through. Her uncle is so inhuman and can kill his own family for property. Then gave Naina to those monsters. :(

    But as long as Raj is with Naina am sure they'll overcome it all. Ah, that confession at the end took her by surprise. Eagerly waiting for your next installment! Hugs to u Indu!

    1. Thanks Abie. Aww...what a heartwarming compliment. Love you.

      Naina had it bad...experiences that no girl should be subjected to, but unfortunately something that happens even in today's Indian society.

  9. Splendid ...handled the character of Raj and Naina - excellently...brilliant write up...hoping to see Naina with Raj to face the situation together ....when Naina was able to protect Adi with gloves of fear so far......with love she can face even the biggest Army......eagerly waiting for your next update.


    1. Thanks Chitra. I respect your opinion and cherish your compliments a lot. You have worded Naina's case so succinctly. :)

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    1. Hi pal...I missed you.

      Thanks. You know sometimes convos are more difficult to write than descriptions. I am forever apprehensive how they will be received....more so because this story, in particular, I am trying to deliberately keep mainly dialogue based.

      I absolutely loved your reference to HP's invisible cloak. But Naina's low self-worth has internalized so deep that an outward covering will not mitigate it. Raj has to know all to understand her and make her feel cleansed. The horrors of Naina's life are not all out yet.

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    1. Surish, you embellish 'Whispers of Spring' with the beauty of your words. Thank you from the bottom my heart. And thank you for the beautiful compliments. I am touched.

      Raj's presence in her life has already healed Naina a lot. She will need to be convinced though to accept the final healing...something she will completely reject at first.

  13. Indu dear! *HUGS

    So happy to be back here again!
    After a very stressful weeks, I can breathe now, haha..

    Btw, have left comments on the previous 2 updates, hope u won't mind to look back at them..

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    Finally, Raj confessed his love to Naina!!
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    Nwei, whatever her decision and reaction is, am sure Raj will not just stop there. He will continue to protect her and Adi. Come what may..

    Continue to amaze us dear, love it as always..

    Take Care and GOD Bless my friend..♥

    1. Hey there Barbie....Welcome Hugs!

      Loved the chapter write-up. Thanks pal.

      Yeah Raj's and Naina's feelings are at cross roads at the moment. Raj is not holding back anything, whereas Naina is still hiding within. Her past is not letting her give herself to Raj.

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    1. Thanks Rachna. I am happy you are enjoying this simple story with little complex emotions.

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