Saturday, 1 February 2014


Hi Friends!

I am back...all refreshed and revived after a week of a much-needed break. Along with a group of friends {all of us sans kids ;) }, we went to Rajashtan and painted red the golden sands of Thar desert. My husband was deployed in the forward areas of Rajasthan during the 2002 standoff with our neighbour country, and during that period I was based at Jaisalmer with the kids and other families; so, for us it was a trip down the memory lane.

I have come back to an avalanche of mails from my office...and an empty fridge. Since yesterday I have been getting the house and office in order. Please give me a couple of days for the next chapter of WOS.{I hope the two-week gap hasn't made Raj and Naina lose their appeal with you!!!....:)}

I thank all of you who wished me a good vacation. You all are the best.

Love you all.

1 comment:

  1. oh di i m glad that u enjoyed ur vacation ..........and di naina and raj r one fighter couple who can never lose their charm ever..........
    so we r with raj and naina as much as we r with u ..............

    love u di ....<3